Life is a Carnival!

2017 - Boardwalk Carnival

2017 Boardwalk Carnival

Tickets on sale now!

Fri, Sep 22 & Sat, Sep 23 @ 7:30pm – Evening performances with different troupes
Sun, Sep 24 2pm – Select performances and Awards of 5 of the top troupes from the weekend
Buy tickets now on Tikly!
Buy tickets now on Tikly!

Performing Friday Night

(Order to be determined later)

  • Halfway Beret – Tragedy
  • Back Porch Muppet Makers – Melodrama
  • Alph Psi Omega – Satire or Parody
  • F-Troupe – Physical Theatre
  • Art Force – Comedy

Required Elements

  • Character: Francis (or Frances) or Frankie Coffee, Thief/PickpocketL
  • Line: “It was a night of unspeakable horror”
  • Prop: Woman’s Shoe

Performing Saturday Night

(Order to be determined later)

  • Iowa Stage – History
  • United Nations – Romance
  • Theater Genesis – Thriller
  • Hoover Drama – Morality
  • The Incoherent Theater Company – Mystery
  • Death by Decaff – Poetic Realism

Required Elements

  • Character: Cecelia or Cecil Pennington, Street Performer
  • Line: “Whatever you do, don’t look behind you”
  • Prop: Metal Bucket

Performing Sunday at the Select and Awards Matinee

To be announced!