There aren’t many frequently asked questions … but we’ll add more as we get them. Got a question? Talk with us.

Goldfinch Theater Company and Grand View University return to produce the 711 in 2018, how does that make you feel?
It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kristin and Scott are fantastic people and we are looking forward to every troupe’s performances!

What is the set going to be?
The set will be unveiled the night of the 711 Theatre Project “Kick-off”. Also given that night will be your genre, and required elements of character, prop, and line.

What if my play ends up being 12 minutes (or 5 minutes)?
Your play can be anything from 7 minutes to 11 minutes in length. Nothing more, nothing less. If under 7 minutes in length, you will not be considered for any awards. If over 11 minutes, not only will you be disqualified for awards – you will be stopped at the 11-minute mark and will not be allowed to continue.

Why is my script required to be turned in prior to our tech rehearsal?
Part of the challenge of the 711 Theatre Project is writing the play, not for it to be improvised. So, by turning in your script prior to you performing it shows us that there is a written script.  Also, our technical crew need a copy of your script to work from. Finally, the judges appreciate the ability to read the scripts prior to seeing the performances.

Does my script have to have stage directions as well as dialogue?
Not at all, but your script should follow a standard format. Your script will require all light and sound cues to be included when submitting before your deadline. We have provided information on the Format Yer Script page.

What is the minimum number of actors/crew … and the maximum?
Each 11-minute play must have no less than 2 actors. As for the maximum – there isn’t one, officially. However, consider that the stage has a limited amount of space and there will be a set on it.

And there is no minimum for crew, either. However, if your light and sound cues are more than lights up/music out at the beginning of your play and lights out/music up at the end – then you should supply your own tech board operator(s). Also, any tech board operators will be required to attend a tech op workshop that will be scheduled during the rehearsal process of 711 Theatre Project.

Help! I’m so popular that I’ve been asked to be a member on more than one team. Can I do this?
Wow – we wish we were that popular. You can be in more than one troupe since none perform simultaneously.

Will we get rehearsal time in the theatre on the set before we are to perform?
Yes! All performance troupes will have a short tech rehearsal and prior to your performance there will be a dress rehearsal run-through with all troupes that are in the next performance time-slot.

I know the troupes each receive free tickets for the night of their performance and a couple free tickets for the other night. Can I switch some around?
We encourage the troupes to barter, share, trade tickets if they wish to switch up more tickets for one night than the other.

updated July 9, 2017 6:00pm