Judging the Plays

Judges criteria for “Best of Show”, 2nd Place and 3rd Place:
A panel of no less than three judges will choose the three 11-minute plays that best exemplify the 711 Theatre Project from the winners of the categories below for each of the show times. They are informed to look for the best overall productions: performance, direction, playwriting, design, use of required elements and adherence to genre.

“Audience Choice” criteria:
Each audience member in attendance will vote for their favorite 11-minute play(s) for that show time. How democratic of us!

“Best Playwriting”, “Best Ensemble Performance”, “Best Individual Performance”, and “Best Direction” awards are as their titles describe and decided for each show time by the panel of judges.

Other awards which might be considered are:

“Rising Star(s)” awards are given for artists/troupes who deserve special recognition for their talents and/or efforts but do not qualify for the above awards and these are decided for each show time by the panel of judges.

“Tip o’the Hat(s)” awards are for artists/troupes where aspects of their play deserve special merit, as decided by the judges. Past awards have included ‘best use of prop’, ‘best costuming’, ‘best integration of light/sound’, and so forth.