Project Rules

  1. The 711 Theatre Project and 711 Select (”711″) are administered by Theatre Iowa, Inc.
  2. Assignment: Theatre Iowa, Inc shall have the right to assign its rights or delegate its duties hereunder, in whole or in part. For the calendar year of 2017, Theatre Iowa, Inc assigns the rights and responsibilities of the production of the 711 to Goldfinch Theater Company ( Goldfinch Theater Company shall not assign rights but is allowed to delegate duties hereunder, in whole or in part.
  3. 711 is a competition where performance troupes have just 7 days to create an 11-minute play utilizing the provided and required elements from Theatre Iowa, Inc.
  4. 711 Theatre Project consists of up to 3 days of competition with performance troupes spread evenly over the days. 711 Select consists of up to 2 days of performances within the week following for selected troupes from the competition.
  5. Each day of the 711 Theatre Project competition will produce winners in categories below (performers are eligible to win in more than one category):
    • Audience Choice – determined by the votes of the audience for that day.
    • Best Playwriting – determined by an independent panel of judges.
    • Best Ensemble Performance – determined by an independent panel of judges.
    • Best Individual Performance (MACTOR Award) – determined by an independent panel of judges.
    • Best Direction – determined by an independent panel of judges.
  6. Audience Choice winners will receive a trophy. All other winners receive certificates. Other awards and prizes may be offered as decided by 711 and/or the judges.
  7. Three performance troupes will be selected as Best of Show, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place for the year from the winners of all categories from the competition listed above – determined by an independent panel of no less than three judges. Winners shall receive a trophy.
  8. Performance troupes will be selected for competition on a first-come, first-serve basis. Determination is based upon reception of the completed form(s) as well as the entry fee, whichever is received latest will decide eligibility (i.e. if entry form was received last, that is the date to determine if you are entered in the competition).
  9. Performance troupes may enter as many times as they wish, provided they fill out required form(s) and pay fees associated with the number of entries. However, to encourage the maximum variety of artists, troupes entering more than once will have their subsequent entries held on a waiting list while other troupes sign-up their single entries. Once all single entries are slotted, then the multiples will be slotted into the competition.
  10. 711 is open to everyone who enjoys theatre. Board members of Theatre Iowa, Inc may participate in 711 and producing organizations of the 711 may participate in 711 but are not eligible to win Best of Show or individual awards.
  11. All performance artists must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Artist’s Agreement for them.
  12. Performance troupes from primary or secondary education institutions (PreK through 12th Grade) must have an instructor, advisor, or teacher as the individual responsible for the troupe.
  13. The entry fees:
    • $90 per performance troupe. Each troupe will receive in the following in return:
      • 8 tickets: To be used at any 711 Theatre Project performance except the 711 Select. Troupes are
        able to sell tickets to recoup some of their entry fee (ticket shall not be sold for more than $15
        each) or given-away (up to $120 value)
      • One 711 Theatre Project T-shirt ($15 value)
  14. 711 may amend these rules at any time and shall use good faith efforts to post any changes to the rules on and emailed to participating performance troupes as soon as practical.
  15. By registering and signing the Artist’s Agreement, the artist agrees to abide by all provisions of this document and the decisions of 711 and any panel of judges, which decisions are final and binding in all respects.
  16. 711 reserves the right to disqualify any artist who fails to comply with the provisions of this document in its sole discretion.
  17. If any part of these rules are void where prohibited by law all remaining rules shall still be enforced.

last updated: July 9, 2017 6:00pm CT