Troupes Kick-off 711 Theatre Project 2017 Friday, September 15!

711 Theatre Project kick-off is Friday, September 15 at 7pm!

Who should attend?

Your whole troupe-if possible! It is not required that all troupe members are present at kickoff, but it sure helps. If you do add someone, or a troupe member can’t make it Friday night, just be sure you have their paperwork in hand before you enter the theatre for first rehearsal.

Where is the Kick-off?

Grand View University – Viking Theatre, 2811 E 14th St (Directions/Parking)

What time is it?

It’s Howdy Doody time … no seriously, though — you can start showing up at 6:30 pm or so — the big reveal is at 7:00 pm (we should be wrapped up before 9)

What will happen?

  • The set will be revealed and discussed
  • Troupes introduce themselves
  • Troupes draw a genre from the hat (have the option of putting first choice back in and drawing from “alternate” hat with more obscure theatre genres
  • Required prop, character and line are revealed for each night of performance
  • Basic scheduling and guidelines covered
  • Paperwork is distributed
  • Sign-ups for rehearsal times sent around
  • Time for questions
  • Time to walk the stage, take photos, chat with your troupe on the set
  • Then you leave to go make your play! No troupe will enter the theatre unless it is a scheduled rehearsal

Tickets on sale now!

Fri, Sep 22 & Sat, Sep 23 @ 7:30pm – Evening performances with different troupes
Sun, Sep 24 2pm – Select performances and Awards of 5 of the top troupes from the weekend
Buy tickets now on Tikly!
Buy tickets now on Tikly!